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We Can Help You After A Personal Injury

Dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury is daunting. You are injured and hurting and hope to get well. You face doctors and medical exams, surgeries or rehabilitation and therapy. And behind all of that are the insurance companies and their lawyers. Are they really on your side?

Here’s where our attorneys at Gagliardi Law LLP can help. When you are facing insurance companies, you need to understand that they are always looking out for their best interests. They want to minimize costs, which means lowball offers and frequent denials of claims. Our attorneys have helped thousands of clients, protecting their rights and recovering millions in compensation.

We Have Helped People For Decades

We know the strategies and tactics of the insurance industry. We recognize how a personal injury can destabilize your life and our attorneys can help you understand your legal options for your claim. We have handled thousands of cases for clients in Wisconsin and Illinois and we can help you.

Our experience is wide-ranging, encompassing the full spectrum of personal injury cases, including:

You Want An Experienced Legal Guide At Your Side

Personal injury cases are complex. A great deal of investigation, research and planning must be done. Additionally, short deadlines must be met or you could lose your claim. We have the expertise and skill to analyze your claim, explain your options and develop a strategy to secure the compensation you need.

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Don’t delay contacting our attorneys; we know how important your claim is to you. We also know it can be difficult to get around after you have been injured, so our attorneys can meet with you wherever it is most convenient. We serve injured people in Wisconsin and Lake County, Illinois. Call our Salem office at 262-843-3400 or use our online contact form.

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